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200+ Customer Success Resources - Open Book of Customer Success

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

In Customer Success, we’re incredibly lucky to have tons of resources in our field.

If you want to learn about something, a quick Google search will result in blogs, books, videos and so much more.

Content is everywhere and when you’re frantically looking for something specific or you’re looking for the next thing to learn, so much content can be overwhelming.

Yup––My friend Elisabeth and I know the struggle all too well.

As two Customer Success Managers who are constantly learning, we come across a lot of resources so we decided to build a solution to help our Customer Success community…

OB is the biggest Customer Success resource hub to date. We’ve aggregated 200+ resources ranging from blogs to events and from multiple countries and in various languages. Let me show you around!

We’ve hosted OB on Notion, an all-in-one workspace tool. It’s allowed us to seamlessly collaborate quickly while allowing us to share the resources publicly.

The main page includes different themes as well as a contact form to get in touch with us.

The different themes are:

  • Tools

  • Community & Events

  • Consultants

  • Resources

Customer Success Tools

Find a range of tools to help you get the job done in CS. In this list, you can find the name of the tool, the type of tool it is, a link to the tool’s website, and a link to public reviews about the tool.

By clicking on the “All Tools” dropdown, you’ll be able to see tools by a specific type. If you’re on the hunt for a new CSM Software, narrowing down the resources like this helps you save time.

Customer Success Community & Events

If you want to start networking more with other CS professionals, this section is for you! Find communities and events happening in person and virtually. This list includes the name of the community/event, the type (Slack, Meetup, online, in person,etc.) the country, and the website or contact person.

Customer Success Resources

The resource section houses blogs, books, podcasts, courses, webinars, and videos. You can find the format right next to the “Name” of the resource and a “Description” pulled directly from the resource’s website.

This is the most extensive list of resources within OB which is why we also broke it up by different types of resources. If you click on “All Resources” on the top left-hand side before the table begins, a dropdown will display the resources by type.

For example, if you wanted to find resources that were in the form of “Podcasts”, you would click on the dropdown menu and select “Podcasts”:

Customer Success Consultants

Looking for extra help? Check on the Consultants section where you’ll find the top consultants in the industry. If you’re looking to set a strong CS foundation in your organization, bringing on a consultant to help you build your strategy may be the way to go! And if you’re a founder who’s kicking off a CS department, consultants are a great start.


Elisabeth and I want to thank all of the contributors who have made OB possible 🖤 Thanks to everyone who reached out to share a resource with us or give us feedback.

If you’d like to add a new resource or request an update to an existing resource, let us know. Each section has a link to a contact form so you can get in touch with us.


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