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Marketing and Customer Success Partnership: KTC Bitesize

How do we deliver the best experience to our end users?

Stop thinking about the journey from your perspective, it's the customer's journey that matters.

Cindy Zhou, the Chief Marketing Officer at Level Access, a web accessibility firm, sat down with Gain Grow Retain to talk about Marketing and the partnership with Customer Success.

Level Access was a reactive business. Companies would get into legal situations due to their lack of inaccessibility on their mobile apps or websites. These companies needed to solve a problem, and Level Access was their answer.

But accessibility is a journey, it's not a one and done project.

The problem was positioning this need to the customers. Yes, the customer came in because of a demand letter, but given the velocity at which marketing is churning out content, accessibility is a journey, and they'll continuously need their service.

Customer Success and Marketing

Showing long term value wasn't something Cindy felt they could do only within Marketing. They needed to bring in other teams, and that team was Customer Success.

To work with CS, they first needed to pinpoint their audience and learn about their lifecycle.

Cindy knew that even though they might've come in because of a demand letter, if they had a D&I initiative, that was a concrete way for Level Access to provide additional valu If She wanted to make Level Access stick, she focused on marketing to customers, not just prospects. With bigger companies, there seemed to be more significant opportunities (because there were more people), and the CS team was there to help funnel back info from events they held like webinars.

Admittedly, Cindy and her team didn't always market to customers. Thanks to customer-facing teams like CS, she was able to learn about new use cases and success stories.

Now, Cindy and her team have a marketing toolkit when signing a new customer — it's their "Welcome to Level Access" packet! In it, the customer has access to a deck that shows them how to get internal buy-in, support, and budget. They also give them a press release template to help the customer promote themselves.

In the end, Cindy leaves us with this quote: "Every customer just wants to feel like they're the hero."


This is our first Keep The Customer Bitesize content –– 33-minute podcast episode summed up in less than 2 minutes!

If you're not following Gain Grow Retain, please do so, they are simply the best CS community out there. And if you want to hear more from Cindy, you can follow her here.

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